JEEP Owners Meeting 

Campulung Muscel, Romania

August 31st – September 2nd 2012



We are pleased to invite you to our second Jeep Club Romania event in 2012!!!

This time we have chosen as location the “Land of the Carpathian Bison”, respectively the Câmpulung region, of Muscel (M), where the former State Metallurgical Company (IMS), later named the Automotive Enterprise ARO, produced in 1957 the first Romanian off-road car, called IMS-57. About 380,000 descendants followed until 2003, of which we recall the primary generations of wisents: M-59A & M-59B (1959-1964), the famous M461 (1964-1969), code name “night walker”, “rock flower” or the “Carpathian Bison”, with a very appreciated version by the Romanian and foreign media at that time, the Romanian Automobile model (ARO) M461C (1969-1975).  

"The Die is Cast" and most certainly the challenge of IMS and ARO off-road cars in the area will be taken seriously by our Jeeps. In this respect we propose to you, dear Jeep fan, to combine the off-road routes with the incredibly beautiful landscapes offered by the steep but fascinating slopes of the Iezer and Leaota Mountains. Our hosts have promised and proposed us a number of routes of various difficulties, so that each one of us will have the possibility to prove how well we master and know our own Jeeps, how much we trust ourselves and our Jeep, allowing at the same time the idea that at any time what is learned in the field is worth much much more than something read on a specialized forum.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we hereby submit our firm invitation to “kick” you out of your homes and to take you to the mountains, riding your Jeep. The mountain air will certainly do you well and, in the worst case scenario, at least you will get a good sleep! But ... we guarantee much more…and for sure we will allow you to enjoy at the right time and place the great things that this marvelous region of Muscel, the Land of the Carpathian Bison, has to offer. 




PUntil our meeting you may enjoy a virtual portion of Câmpulung Muscel on the websites: or



ANOMIS Guesthouse (A)


located in Campulung Muscel

How can I find it?

Close to down town of Campulung Muscel city. The guesthouse offers the possibility of accommodation in very good conditions (3***) for a number of 48 people (24 double rooms). Access to the guesthouse is on asphalt, but don’t you worry, the forest road and the entry into trails are two steps away from the hotel, so your Jeep won’t stay too much with its rear axle unlocked, or your front differential on silent.

If the maximum capacity of “ANOMIS” Guesthouse is exceeded (48 places), we have other two versions of accommodation and meal close by for those who want to join us. A view of the distances between the three guesthouses and of the manner in which one can reach from one to the other can be seen following THIS LINK..



Is located close to down town of Campulung Muscel city and to the Guesthouse ANOMIS. The coordinates of this guesthouse can be found here:
The hosts told us that they are 2h away from Bucharest and if you come from the Capital on Bucharest – Piteşti - Câmpulung-Muscel route, you will drive about 170 km. We recommend those from Bucharest the route via Târgovişte. The 3*** guesthouse has 15 double rooms (each with own bathroom and all amenities you need for a Jeep Meeting) and offers the possibility to get a meal in its own restaurant.


The commune of Lereşti which is placed along the exits towards our Jeep trails is situated in the north of the city Câmpulung-Muscel and consists of 3 villages: Lereşti, Voineşti and Pojorâta. To the north of Lereşti, where we will meet the off-road challenges, are found the mountains Păpuşa, Grădișteanu and Fracea. To the east of the commune is the Strâmtu mountain, which we have seen during our recognition trail and we can confirm that some parts of the trail are a little technical and interesting, besides the beautiful panorama offered near the city of Câmpulung and the surroundings.
We will not say anything else, because it’s worth living it on spot.



One more thing, as any place full of history in our county, Câmpulung or as Romanian call it Campulung Muscel was an important city since 1330, the time of Basarab I, being located at the crossroads from “Ţara Românească” and Transylvania. Of course the links above will provide you all the necessary information regarding the history of this beautiful and picturesque settlement in the foothills whose crests we will climb on. You should only remember that in Câmpulung you will find the “Pardon” Boulevard
All the locations of accommodation proposed above are close to both the trails that we will cross together, and to the landmarks nearby that can be visited if you desire to.
Also, the city of Câmpulung-Muscel is only about 10 minutes of drive away… and that only if you choose a more convenient route, on the asphalt. So, on asphalt, you can reach the guesthouses mentioned very easily. We are expecting you on our forum with complete/detailed offers for accommodation and meals at the three guesthouses. The GPS coordinates of the guesthouses and an additional access map can also be found on


Discover the Land of the Carpathian Bison

The trails will be chosen so that your Jeep, regardless if stock or trail rated, will be able to meet the challenges on route and that you can benefit from the guidance of our more experienced members (Trail Guides). After the breakfast and before approaching the trails we will make for all the participants a brief presentation of the trail to be crossed, as well as the corresponding schedule.
We will make everything possible when we choose the trails to have in mind a natural environment, picturesque  sceneries that we can all enjoy, so that our meeting to be not only a purely technical one, but one in which the skill is gained in an enjoyable framework. Considering that we will be in mountain areas, please have your Jeep equipped with the proper tires, in order to avoid any inconvenience in the field. 
During our trail we will be accompanied by the representatives of Salvamont Arges, who will guide us on the chosen mountain routes. As benchmarks, considering the distance from “Poiana Lerului” Hotel (Base Camp), we have chosen the following destinations: Râușor Portăreasa dam, Crucea Atenenului, Iezer, Voinea Chalet, Strâmtu, Leaota.
We haven’t overlooked that some of you wish to be closer to nature and stay in tents or in caravans. We have considered this aspect and we will collaborate with our hosts to provide the best camping conditions in the area of the hotel or of the guesthouse chosen as Jeep Base Camp.
Below there are some images of the recognition trail near Crucea Ateneului (Iezer Mountains).

Preparations of departure in the recognition trail (see our Facebook page): 

Team work is always mandatory on trails:

Sightseeing from our Jeeps along the trails:

And the “residents”:

Back to the trail:

Meeting with an ancestor of the Carpathian Bison: 

Râușor dam, point of entry and exit of one of our routes:


We propose you a week-end that will basically have the following structure: 

Day 1 (Friday, August 31st 2012)

Arrival of the participants;
-         We will begin with dinner at our host;
-         It will sit over a glass of wine in order to socialize and know each other;
-         You will be handed over a welcome package on behalf of Jeep Club Romania.

Day 2 (Saturday, September 1st 2012)

- Breakfast;
- Presentation of the trail and of the manner in which its approach will be dealt;
- Entry into the trail;
-   Exit from the trail and lunch somewhere along the route; we will take care that a hot meal can be served by each one of you in a special place on our route;
 - Continuing the route;
 - Before nightfall we will return to the guest house (base camp);
 - Campfire, hearty dinner served in Jeep Club Romania style;

Day 3 (Sunday, September 2nd 2012)

 - Breakfast;
- For those who want to stay for some time, we can organize another route that will be preceded by a brief description and the manner in which we are going to approach it;
 - Entry into the trail;
 - Exit from the trail and returning to the guest house for:
 i)  Lunch;
 ii)  Check-out;
 - Organizing the road to our homes if you desire to make our departure in groups, depending on the final destination of each one of us.

Reservation Form

Please fill in only the fields that interest you and which will be applicable if you want to join us at this Jeep Club Romania event.
Please observe both, the schedule and the house rules mentioned by our host.
Thank you and we are waiting for you to join us for our third Jeep Club Romania 2012 event!

Don’t forget that for any uncertainty we can contact us at:
Arrival Date  day 1
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 day 3
Departure Date  day 2
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Kid/Kids  1
 2 or more
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I come together with:  one person
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Jeep Make?  Cherokee
I hereby request a/an  single room
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I hereby request as second room a  single room
 double room
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 more then three rooms
 not extra rooms requested
Vegetarian  Yes
I wish to help the Organization Team  Yes
I hereby confirm the above and allow the organizers to made the reservation/s on my behalf in accordance with this Reservation Form:  Yes
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