JEEP Academy

Jeep Academy is an “off-road school”, where both the Jeep owners and all those passionate of 4wheel adventure can participate in an intensive course of techniques of approaching the difficult terrain, consisting of two stages: basic level and extreme level. Courses include both the static presentation of cars and off-road driving techniques and the actual driving in a specially designed terrain.


The participation in the first stage of this course is based on registrations and payment of the fee. Only the graduates of the first course are allowed to register in the second stage of the program. The graduates of each course will receive a diploma attesting the participation and learning of various driving techniques in rough terrain.

Jeep Academy courses are set individually or in group, are carried out only in weekends and last one day. The maximum number of participants in a group will be of 10 cars and tests in the field will be performed only assisted by our instructors. 


We guarantee an extreme, unique and memorable experience due to both the diversity of activities and location, and to unique accessories and promotional items, which can be purchased on the spot. 


Basic Level


The first stage will take place during a day, the arrival at the location established taking place a day earlier, on Fridays, being followed by a festive dinner during which we will try to know our “opponents”.

On Saturdays, after the breakfast, will follow one hour of static presentation of the cars and driving techniques in off-road, after which for six hours we will try to implement what we have learnt.

We will have a break for a rustic lunch, after which we will return with fresh forces on track.

At 6p.m. we will regroup at the guest house, where the participants will receive graduation diplomas and will find out the surprises prepared for the second level. 


Extreme Level


The second stage will take place during a day, the arrival at the location established also taking place one day ahead the beginning of the course.

On Saturdays, after the breakfast, we will use the driving techniques learnt during the first level on an off-road trail arranged at a high degree of difficulty, and after a rustic lunch we will adventure on a route which is not arranged, with the highest degree of difficulty.


The regrouping will take place at 6p.m. at the guest house, where during the festive dinner will be granted diplomas to the graduates of the second level. 



Basic Level:
Jeep Owner: 150 Euro

Jeep Non-Owner : 300 Euro

Extreme Level:
Jeep Owner: 250 Euro

Jeep Non-Owner: 450 Euro

Participation costs include both the accommodation for one night and the value of meals and course. 

Payment will be performe in RON at the EUR/RON exchenge rate available on the when invoice is issued, published by the National Bank of Romania (




Registrations are made by filling in the above form in order to require a Jeep Academy course.

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